short biography:

Michael „Spangi“ Spangenberg born 1977 in Frankfurt/Main began exploring his hometown on a BMX-bike. Also his first attempts in filming and photography were related to this sport.

In 2016 he found an analogue AGFA Selecta camera at his parents house and started using it during his trips throughout the city, focusing more and more on its architecture and its underlying urban structure.

This camera had the malfunction of transporting the film sometimes regularly, sometimes partly, or sometimes not at all. Spangi adapted this aleatory moment and started to arrange the single shots around this machine of chance, creating collages of overlapping shots. No filters or digital postprocessing is used.

Besides his photography he is working on frames and installations to present his pictures.

For a living Spangi runs the Deepend-Shop in Frankfurt, selling BMX and skateboard parts, as well as graffiti supplies.